The process

Decades of experience in different industrial cultures together multiple skills under one umbrella, enables Betacode to provide the complete package: from a single product design up to the complete manufacturing plant.


Market analysis, lifestyle evaluation, identification of social trends and bench marking are the “starting” milestones for the “winning” design. Once the functional part is done, it is rendered with Italian style and Swiss precision. The goal is to “generate” rather than “repeat”.


Anything can be feasible in design mode while in real world there are so many limiting factors. We are here to predict the obstacles and prevent the surprises in order to step safely towards engineering phase where capable minds will supervise calculations and modelling supported by in-house developed tools.

Prototyping and test

While the one-to-one aesthetical sample can be used for preliminary market reaction, functional prototype is the best tool to converge theory into reality. Betacode can provide both. Tests can run in Beatcode laboratories or end user’s.

Technical services

We can offer various services such as factory design, automation level definition, line layout, process verification, selection of equipment, training in different levels and finally direct site management during ramp up. Process optimization of a running line to cope with a new product can also be expected from Betacode.


Through a network of international suppliers, Betacode can assist new comers by supplying the complete components batch for the first few thousands of products.

Creating a distinguished design with a clear touch of Italian style.
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A creative nice design is always supported by technical and economic feasibility.

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The entire development process of an industrial product is fulfilled to meet the needs.

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